Connecting consumers to rising and independent fashion brands

Connecting consumers to rising and independent fashion brands

How we helped create the modern social shopping platform


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These are wild times for direct-to-consumer fashion brands. Now, more than ever, consumers are truly finding their way to online channels. The rise of many small independent designers is a blessing for the fashion-conscious consumer. But how does one go about finding this new generation of brands? It's this question that sparked CEO and founder Noëmie Haverhals to create Avail, a social shopping app that helps connect consumers to rising independent fashion brands.

From 0 to 30.000 users

Avail had clear vision, a well defined target audience and a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) defined, now they needed to build it. Avail approached us to help tackle this challenge, given our experience in product design and our expertise in Flutter. The challenge was clear, a short timeline to build a mobile shopping experience that consumers deserve.

In a short four months our team had to tackle design, build the app and source over 150 brands and thousands of products to get ready for launch. In close collaboration with internal teams at Avail we succeeded and launched the first version of the app. In the following six months after the launch, more than 30.000 users joined Avail.

Explosive user growth for Avail. From 0 to 30000 users in just a few months

Products at the center

On Avail, products and brands are the protagonists, they take the front stage. As far as UX and design goes, this was our primary motivation. Our team focussed on creating a clean and minimalistic design and UX to keep the users focus on products and help them in discovering new products and brands


Creating sets

A major part in the experience Avail brings, is participation of the community. The best way to discover new and exciting brands is via other users on the platform. One way Avail achieves this is by lettings users create styled sets using products they like and discover on Avail.


“It has been a great pleasure working with This Might Work on the launch of the Avail app. For them it’s not just about building an app, it’s about seamlessly translating a story into a product.”


Noëmie Haverhals

Founder & CEO, Avail

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