Who we are

Who we are

This Might Work is a full-service digital product studio. We help businesses to identify and define opportunities and build great digital products or services. From strategy to launch, we work with companies that believe the future is digital.

This Might Work is a Belgian based digital product studio. We focus our love for digital products on creating beautiful and meaningful mobile apps.

As a mobile app developer, we strongly believe in the power of Flutter and Firebase to build cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android.


No technology,
but solutions

Creating a meaningful and valuable solution for users is our mission. We don't jump on a technology trend unless we understand why.


No buzzwords,
but results

No buzzwords and generalities.  We like clear language that doesn't distract from the work to be done.


No standstill,
but progress

No endless chit-chat. By continuous action and improvement, we work step-by-step towards our goals.

Our beliefs


We believe in the power of creativity, user experience, and technology

By showing creativity and surprising people you achieve the best results. Only by working customer-centric with an endless focus on user experience will you be able to achieve the full potential of your ideas. Technology is an enabler that combined with creativity and user experience has the power to transform businesses and industries.

We believe in the power of calm

As a calm company, we believe in sustainable entrepreneurship. We believe that the best results are achieved by creating a calm and sustainable working environment for ourselves and our partners.

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We would be happy to have a chat with you about our love for great digital products. 

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